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V O L U M E 1 9 • I S S U E 3 condo owner 15 headlines approved three other measures aimed at toning down the annual gathering of 100,000-plus stu- dents that has sparked unflattering national media attention. Bars will close at 2 a.m. instead of 4 a.m., no open containers of alcoholic beverages will be allowed in commercial parking lots unless under the control of the business and no parking will be allowed on rights of way. The changes came after seven people were shot and wounded at a house party and a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted on the beach during Spring Break this year. The drinking ban has been the most controver- sial measure, with many hospitality industry professionals believing it could be the death knell for Spring Break, while homeowners generally support the idea. Area Partnership Announces Sports Village, New School A first-of-its-kind partnership recently debuted plans to develop a sports complex and a new pub- lic school on 210 acres of land donated by the St. Joe Co. on the east end of Panama City Beach. The Panama City Beach Convention and Visi- tors Bureau (CVB) Board of Directors agreed to spend $500,000 from bed tax revenues and Deep- water Horizon oil spill funds to buy 10 privately owned acres at 8222 Back Beach Road (U.S. 98) that would provide access to several hundred acres of land St. Joe is donating. The CVB also approved a proposal that would require St. Joe to pay back the $500,000 if both sides are unable to come to terms on the agreement. Under the agreement, the St. Joe Co. will donate 210 acres that would be used not only for a new sports village but also a new school, which will serve kindergarten through eight grades. Tourism officials said the new sports village facility will have up to 12 multipurpose fields— enough to attract and develop large-scale tourna- ments for field sports such as soccer, lacrosse, rugby and football. Additional multipurpose fields also will be utilized for baseball tourna- ments and training, as well as for overflow from existing tournaments. The sports village project is seven years in the making, and tourism officials said the specific intention is to draw more sports visitors to the beach during the off-season months of the spring and fall. Total build-out for the project is ‰ Gulf Shores and Foley are setting up more surveillance cameras t o ward off vandalism and crime. Gulf Shores is installing 25 new cameras this summer at the parking lot of Gulf Place, the main public beach, while Foley has added about 75 cameras in city buildings and parks. "We'll have the ability to move the cameras into areas that are known to have issues or problems. Or, if there's just something specific we want to see, we can really get good clarity on that," Gulf Shores technology officer Mike Hawley said. "Safety is the intent," Gulf Shores technology officer Mike Hawley said. "The new cameras will cover precious blind spots. I don't think they prevent crime but they certainly deter it," he said. Already the cameras have shown their value, helping police identify skateboarders who damaged the Foley Centennial Plaza shortly after it opened. Foley City Administrator Mike Thompson added that the mere presence of cameras can't ensure perfect safety at every hour of every day. "Just because a camera is in a Foley park or on the beach in Gulf Shores may not mean it is the best idea to be out there in the middle of the night." n GULF SHORES Surveillance Cameras Installed In Gulf Shores & Foley

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