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Condo Owner publishes information vital to the business and pleasure of resort condominium ownership. Topics covered relate to real estate market trends, community association matters, rental management issues, tax and insurance updates and more.

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condo owner V O L U M E 1 9 • I S S U E 3 34 technology 2 4 3 Know that it may draw in owners who otherwise wouldn't pay attention Understand the liability of the easy sharing on social media Don't bore residents to tears "I'm a big tech fan," said Melissa Garcia, a partner at Hindman Sanchez, a law firm in Arvada, Colo., with about 1,600 association clients. "I'm on Twit- ter, and I pass along lots of HOA practice point- ers. I see the benefits of Twitter, and I also see the benefits of associations using Facebook. They allow associations to connect with owners whom they may not necessarily connect with by going to meetings, like millennials." n " There's greater potential for liability for boards on social media if they're not thinking about monitoring what's being said or putting protections in place," explained Garcia. "With social media, there's an element of conversa- tion that you don't get with vehicles like a newsletter. People can comment and they can forward, and social media posts get catapulted into the cyberworld. Boards need to understand that maybe the people you intended to see something got it, but that it also went to a lot of other people. Boards also forget that the attraction of social media is that people can post on the go. So people forget to think about what they're posting, which may lead to more defamation and invasion of privacy claims ." n Yes, it's tempting to post lots and lots of board information on the page. But residents will stop checking in if your page is full of monotonous and lengthy posts about those issues, said Colburn. He suggests posting excerpts from your rules only when a reminder seems to be needed, and adding a prompt to get members to read the whole document for context. n

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