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boat and everything associated with that partic- ular boat," said Morris Hines, membership director for Freedom Boat Club-Northwest Gulf Coast. "When you join a club, you have access to an entire fleet of boats, and at just a fraction of the cost of ownership." For a one-time membership fee of $5,500— plus monthly dues that start at $199 and in- crease depending on usage—members can utilize the complete fleet of Freedom Boat Club, which includes more than 800 boats in 88 locations across the country. "The monthly fee is less than the cost of keeping a boat you own in a slip," Hines said. "And with ownership you still have other fees like payments, insur- ance and maintenance." Freedom Boat Club-Northwest Gulf Coast, which owns seven franchise locations along the northern gulf coast and is expanding every year, offers an online reservation system for members to make advanced reservations. Depending on the package purchased, mem- bers can make as many as six reservations at any given time and can even keep a boat overnight or multiple days if desired. "Many people prefer a boat club instead of ownership because of the ease of use and flexibility to uti- lize multiple boats at multiple locations nation- wide," Hines said. "With a boat club you're never locked into a particular boat. You have the versatility to get a boat that's best for what- ever you want to do that day." n V O L U M E 1 9 • I S S U E 3 condo owner 47 "We can customize any type of boat that we sell based on what the customer wants, whether it's the color, rails, flooring, motor, etc.," said shop owner Alan Battle. "The sky is the limit. And it usually just takes about six weeks for the boat to come in."

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