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Spring 2017

Condo Owner publishes information vital to the business and pleasure of resort condominium ownership. Topics covered relate to real estate market trends, community association matters, rental management issues, tax and insurance updates and more.

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condo owner • S P R I N G 2 0 1 7 24 These fabrics also allow owners to choose the neutral palette they desire, such as a white sofa, without the worry, said Miller. "Owners can have the beautiful white sofa they want and easily take off the slipcover and wash it as needed," she said. "And outdoor fabrics now are also much better than they used to be. In fact, there are so many great outdoor fabric op- tions that are pretty and soft that you're seeing more of those being used indoors as well. De- cades ago, outdoor fabrics were so coarse that people never would have done that." THE CHOICES Owners today put much more time and em- phasis into the design elements than they did in years' past, and many believe that's because options today are more plentiful than they were 20 or 30 years ago, said Waterfield. "You see people spend a lot more time on the light- ing and the flooring and the backsplash and things like that today," she said. "I think that's because more is available to them today." Not only are more options available, but the Internet and social media expose owners and buyers to more trends, palettes and options. "With social media and reality television, peo- ple are much more aware of what's out there," Waterfield said. "For example, back in the 80s people would only have the models set up in their local stores to look to for ideas. There was no going online and searching. Today, there's social media and sites like Pinterest and Houzz." n EARN MORE DOLLARS... Panama City Beach, FL On Our Guaranteed Income Program Call 850-230-4612 or Email Today! interiors "...Years ago, verticals would have been what everyone had. That was the product of choice..." "...Back in the 80s there was no going online and search- ing for design ideas. Today, there's social media and sites like Pinterest and Houzz..."

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