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Spring 2017

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condo owner • S P R I N G 2 0 1 7 30 maintenance checking all the chute doors because salt air can rust and damage them over time, and cleaning the chute thoroughly twice a year. Companies like Giant Enterprises pretreat trash chutes with an enzyme and then use a pressure washer and clean it top to bottom. West explained that this cleaning not only helps minimize odors but also gets rid of clinging grease and grime, which can become flammable build up in the chute. To up the game on trash chute strategy, condo associations can have trash rooms cleaned and hosed down by maintenance crews on a regular basis to deter odor and vermin. Instructing tenants on proper conduct also helps. Things such as fish, wet foods, diapers, and other trash should not be put in a chute without a garbage bag around them. "There are people who throw in TVs, ceramic tiles, velcro, kitty litter. Anything that can fit down a chute, I've seen come down the chute," West said. Renters who are new to condo life might not know about these rules and regula- tions that go with the garbage chute system. A helpful pamphlet or a sign near the chute will educate them on the proper waste chute procedure. West said that some condos need to update their trash chutes. "The types of existing con- dos that might need retrofitting or replacement tend to be those with trash chutes that are exposed to the outside elements—the rain and salt air," he explained. "This usually results in multiple holes and gaps throughout the shaft as well as a severe amount of rust. Condo- miniums that are pushing 20 years old and have had years of use and abuse may also be in need of a retrofit. Condominiums can also elevate trash strategies through odor control systems. For instance, Giant Enterprises use solutions that break down bacteria odor on a cellular level. Their automatic time dispensed solutions are environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and nonhazardous. Aromatherapy for therapeutic smells are also available as part of the odor control system. Waste chute systems must be maintained like any other important appliance. A well maintained system means less worries for condo owners. n

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