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Spring 2017

Condo Owner publishes information vital to the business and pleasure of resort condominium ownership. Topics covered relate to real estate market trends, community association matters, rental management issues, tax and insurance updates and more.

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W I N T E R 2 0 1 7 • condo owner 43 explore Today's zoos, wildlife sanctuaries and marine parks are quite different from what began in ancient times as exotic displays for wealthy rulers. They are also different from the first public zoos that opened in the early 1800s. For more than 150 years, zoos did not change much: they featured animals in small cages, with little thought given to their physical or mental well-being. Most modern animal parks—including those on the Gulf Coast—are all about conservation and education. They have large enclosures and regularly offer enrichment tools that engage the animals and simulate their natural habitat. Often, the animals in our zoos are even active as ambassadors and educators. ► Gulf Coast Animal & Marine Parks Combine Fun With Conservation & Education By D. Fran Morley BORN TO BE WILD

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